Due to the limited lifespan of production tools, manufacturing and engineering companies face significant costs and production losses.
These tools have a lifespan counted in thousands, but sometimes also in terms of single units of use. These tools wear then out completely and have to be replaced. Repasace, or new tools purchases are costly. It also causes production stoppages, leading to high operating loss.
Based on several decades of development, we have developed technology that can increase the lifespan of almost all instruments and tools in terms of tens to hundreds (or more) percent.
Therefore we would like to offer our services or cooperation in production efficiency increase in the following areas:
  • Cutting tools for machining of hard-to-cut materials such as Inconel, Hardox, Naimonit, Titanium and their alloys.
  • Pressing tools, including dies and parts exposed to thermal shock.
  • Injection molds.
  • Surface treatment of welding nozzles excluding separation carcinogenic agents.
  • New powerful production technology proposals preparation.
  • Amendments to the basic material, including heat treatment.
Please see Galery for high resolution images of various tools and parts.
We specialize in surface finishing materials, very hard coatings by PVD method where we are able to produce coatings based on nitride, oxide and carbide DLC layers and metal-carbon based layers. In addition, we make adjustments to the surfaces of aluminum alloys, titanium and zinc alloys by creating a diffuse ceramic layer. We also offer surface diffusion treatment using the technology of high-temperature pulsed plasma flow.
Application of our technology creates very hard surface coating that remarkably increases the tools lifespan, mainly due to:
  • Increased resilience to wear
  • Increased mutability, cutability, durability
  • Increased resistance to corrosion
  • Reduced surface roughness
  • Substantially increased resistance to thermal shock
  • Increased resistance to aggressive environments of liquids and gases.
In other words: Significant reduction in the tooling costs and associated losses of mass production interruptions!
While doubling the tool lifespan, the treatment cost usually does not exceed the price of acquiring the tools themselves.
The return on investment therefore occurs during the first application of the treated tool!  Your time to payback is immediate.


Forging pins for forging machine Schuler:

Ordinary forging pin 4VR after 3000 forgings

Treated forging pin 4VR after 7200 forgings

Pin is totally destroyed and needs to be replaced Pin reveals only minor wear and can remain in production.


Mandrel for friction welding of aluminum plates:

Ordinary welding mandrel after 100m of contention

  Treated welding mandrel after 150m of  contention

Mandrel is totally destroyed and needs to be replaced
Mandrel reveals almost no wear and can remain in production


Nozzles for arc welding:

Ordinary nozzle after the 8 hours of work using separating agent

Treated nozzle after 45 hours of work without separating agent

Nozzle is totally destroyed and needs to be replaced or renewed
         Nozzle reveals no wear at all and can remain in production